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This is a hopefully simplified interface to the quiz extension. For more advanced features of the quiz system or for longer than 60 questions see mw:extension:Quiz.

Usage edytuj

Supports up to 60 multiple choice questions with up to five choices. Smallest possible quiz is 1 question with 2 choices. Omit any parameters for questions you don't want

Main question params edytuj

  • Q[question numb between 1-60]=Question text (and optionally an image) - [[image:SomeAssociatedImage.png|right|40px]] what is foo?
  • Q[question numb between 1-60][Choice letter (capital, A-E)]=text of choice
  • Q[question numb between 1-60]ans=Choice letter (capital, A-E) that is correct
  • Q[question numb between 1-60]rel=See article foo (appears beside right answer after being marked. Optional

Important: Use capital letters for the choice letters (Q1ans=A, not Q1ans=a, etc).

other params edytuj

Do not use these parameters on Wikinews:Quiz. They default to the right thing for that page

  • footer=text at bottom after hitting submit. Default works for normal quiz.
  • postPage=page to post scores to. ex Wikinews talk:World News Quiz (footer overides)
  • postSection=Section of post page to post to (Only applies if postPage is defined, and footer is not)

example edytuj

Q1=What is the answer to the meaning of ''Life, The Universe, and Everything?''
Q1B=Six times nine
...[and so on for other possible answers up to E]...
Q1rel=[ommited from below, but something like go read Hitch hiker's Guide]

...Other questions (Q2=blah, Q3=bar, and so on upto Q60)...

What is the answer to the meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything?

Six times nine