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=== [[User:BetaBot|BetaBot]] ===
The task of my bot is to remove old language links in source of the page, because the language links are now managed centrally in Wikidata. The bot use a script from pywikibot. I made some edit for test and example. --[[Wikireporter:Beta16|Beta16]] ([[Dyskusja wikireportera:Beta16|dyskusja]]) 11:12, 10 lut 2016 (CET)
: {{re|Beta16}}: How many interwiki links are still available on Polish Wikinews? Is it possible to move the remaining links to Wikidata (eg. huwiki is still in the source of [[Specjalna:Diff/217606|this news]])? [[User:Openbk|Openbk]] ([[User talk:Openbk|dyskusja]] / <small>[[:m:User talk:Openbk|meta-wiki]]</small>) 22:58, 10 lut 2016 (CET)