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* ''2009-01-28:'' There is a new [[meta:Help:Magic words|magic word]]: <code><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[meta:Help:Magic_words#Other_2|GENDER]]:<nowiki>}}</nowiki></code> &ndash; you can specify your gender at [[Special:Preferences]] and can even misuse that feature to show your ''(for IPs cached)'' [[bugzilla:17218|online status]], see [[betawiki:Gender|future uses]]<!--e.g. user namespace adaptation-->.
* ''2009-01-28:'' The [[Special:Version|MediaWiki software]] with its [[Special:Version|extensions]] has been [[:mw:This week's updates|updated]] to SVN revision '''[[:mw:This week's updates|46424]]'''.<!-->
* ''2009-01-27:'' [[:mw:Extension:Collection|Collections]] will soon be activated for all Wikimedia projects where they make sense, like currently for [ Wikibooks and the German Wikipedia] &ndash; the extension lets your readers create PDF books to possibly order printed books. Use '''[]''' to create cross-wiki article collections of almost all wikis out there.
* ''2008-12-22:'' Our servers now throw out a [ 404 HTTP status code] for nonexistent pages.
* ''2008-12-17:'' Some major Wikipedias now have [[:en:Wikipedia:Searching#Wikipedia_search|enhanced]] search functionalities ([*&fulltext=1 example]), all other wikis have to wait for [[bugzilla:16685#c0|better hardware]].
* ''2008-12-03:'' Wikipedia will become [ more user-friendly for new volunteer writers] ([ current info]); see '''[[meta:Wikipedia Usability Initiative|Wikipedia Usability Initiative]]'''.