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topic = Wikimedia notification system
:<small>Now it is possible to reach all wiki communities easily and entirely, not just those active users that regularly visit our Meta wiki or read the [[meta:Wikizine|Wikizine]] for example.</small>
To have a common access point, the messages are updated at '''[[User:WikimediaNotifier/notifications]]''' ''[mirrored, any changes to this page will be overwritten; <u>use a separate page for translation</u>]''; you can include this page as a template wherever you want! Consider creating a dedicated page for this, like e.g. [[{{NS:Project}}:Global announcements]] ''(maybe with translated content)'', where you could provide a description in your language, or just include it into your village pump page.<!--also keep track by using the web feed-->
* At [[User:WikimediaNotifier/template]] you can change the appearance of the message boxes!
topic = Namespace: Image => File
|content = As there are [[bugzilla:44|not just images]] located in the "<code>Image:</code>" namespace, this will soon <small>([[w:en:Real_soon_now|RSN]] since October)</small> become a general "<code>File:</code>" namespace!
When live, the actual namespace '''prefix''' in titles and URLs will be different, according to your language. "<code>Image:</code>" will be a remaining '''alias''', softly redirecting requests to "<code>File:</code>"; but if you should have a <u>program</u> or <u>script</u> that checks for "<code>Image:</code>" or relies on the variable '''wgCanonicalNamespace''' being '<code>''Image''</code>', you may have to update it.